Branch Office:

7370 College Parkway Suite 204
Fort Myers, FL 33907

My Background:

To really change a fundamentally flawed system of beliefs and values that together make up a community’s way of viewing reality we need to change our current paradigm: which dictates that more stuff is better, that infinite economic growth is desirable and possible, and that pollution is the price of progress. To actually turn things around, we need to address a different paradigm based on the values of sustainability, justice, health, and community. I have evolved forward healing clients over the past decade as I worked as a massage therapist into helping my friends and neighbors find the health insurance coverage designed to fit their needs and financial capibilities. I am working for INSPHERE INSURANCE SOLUTIONS as a Health, Life, Long Term Care, Insurance Agent representing Aetna, Humana, United Health, John Hancock, ING, and Alliance Affordable Services. My goal is to design a comprehensive health and supplemental program to give each client the peace of mind that we all deserve with the dollars that we can afford.

My Memberships:

Grassroots activities include:Hospice of Boca Raton 2008-Present Patient-Care Volunteer /Sierra Club 2001-Present Activist/Certified Humane Activist/ Gilda's Club/Palm Beach/ Village Academy Volunteer - sustainability and grassroots participation/BNI

Communities I Serve:

Reside in Delray Beach, Florida for 16 years. My goals to join my brother Richard in Ft. Myers, Florida; to have the means to volunteer for Emergency Disaster Relief for the Red Cross and graudate School for Urban Development, FAU/Architecture - GO GREEN
Health Insurance - Estero, FL
Solution Partners:

  • Surebridge
  • GetWell by SureBridge